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SiteCare Lite

Gets problems fixed on a pay-as-you-go basis with no upfront costs or ongoing commitments.     More...

SiteCare Remote

Uses remote management tools to provide health checks and fix any reported problems in the lowest cost way.    

We first carry out an initial audit of your IT systems and technology that enables our senior technicians to document the way your servers, networks and PC facilities have been setup. We can then confirm if we have the necessary skills to support your environment. There is no charge for this audit.

Then we configure remote management tools to allow us to remotely view, diagnose and fix most of the technical problems that may arise. It is the most cost effective way to remedy a reported problem as there is generally no need to attend site. The RM tools can also be used to apply any software updates or make changes to user profiles.

Every month (or more often if necessary) we use the remote management tools to carry out health checks of the servers to review backup logs, resource utilisation, performance factors and the status of virus software. The outcome of these checks is always reported back to the customer.

We would charge an initial one-time amount of $200 excluding GST to cover for the configuration and testing of the remote management tools. After that, we charge a monthly fee of $150 excluding GST to remotely access your system and conduct all health checks and report back upon these. Any engineering call-outs to fix reported problems are charged at a discounted time-and-materils rate for SiteCare Remote customers of $115 per hour excluding GST.

SiteCare Premier

Offers the certainty of on-site support at any time with guaranteed response times to fix problems, and a wide range of additional benefits.     More...